You CAN live your life the way you KNOW you deserve to.



You CAN have periods without pain, PMS, or heavy ass bleeding.

You CAN poop on the REG with ease 👼💩

You CAN sleep like a baby 😴

You CAN have steady energy all day⚡️without 4 cups of coffee.

You CAN enjoy foods that actually nourish your body.

You CAN move your body almost daily without it feeling forced.



This is muthaf*ckin’ Holisticaited.

This won’t be like all your previous attempts to “get healthy" "eat cleaner" or "lose weight."
I created this program because I want it to be different for you this time around.

I want it to CHANGE YO LIFE...

and I want those changes to LAST.

suppp! I'm Cait!


And before I was Holisticaited, I was feeling really f*cking shitty about myself 😣

At 23, I was finishing up architecture school and my dad was diagnosed with ALS. A year before that, my parents split up, so he was alone.

I neglected my health because I spent most of my time worrying about his.

After he passed, I took a look at myself in the mirror and felt disappointment 😔 I no longer recognized myself and I KNEW I needed to make a change.

I wanted more than anything to feel like myself again and I figured working on some of my “bad” habits was probably a good place for me to start.

No more excuses ✌️



It took me a while to make any sort of progress because I was googling A LOT and experimenting on my own…

but during the process, I was slowly able to accomplish things I NEVER thought I could.

I was drinking just ONE cup of black coffee a day, enjoying some veggies, getting through my period without Motrin, and believe it or not…I no longer craved the hot Cheetos 😂

Little did I know, this was only just the BEGINNING.


If I can accomplish these things…

believe me, so can you.


Dieting? Counting Calories?
Restricting the foods that bring you joy?


NAHHH. Not the vibe here. 🙅‍♀️ 

Being Holisticaited does not require throwing everything inside your pantry into the trash…although, I will highly suggest getting rid of those hot dogs FOR.GOOD. 😂😅


Being Holisticaited is about understanding. awareness. knowing.
It’s about empowering you with knowledge so that you can make the changes that work best for you, and feel good for you at your own pace.

Together, we’re establishing simple, holistic diet and lifestyle habits that STICK.



just check out these results! 👀👀👀


NO MORE SETTLING, ya feels meh?


You don’t have to eat out all the time.

You don't have to feel gross and bloated after meals.

You don’t have to deal with heavy or painful periods that make you want to stay in bed all day with a heating pad.

You don’t have to struggle to get up in the morning.

You don’t have to spend hours on the toilet.

You don’t have to have coffee all day to feel energized and productive.


You deserve SO MUCH MORE 👊 

Build a healthy lifestyle you’re obsessed with NOW.
One you feel confident you can follow long-term.
One that makes you feel yo muthafuckin’ BEST.
For you.
For your kids.
For your grandkids.



you will learn how to:


✨balance your hormones 

✨master your menstrual cycle

✨fall in love with nourishing your body

✨manage your stress 

✨improve your sleep

✨heal yo gut 

✨detox your environment


All the things your healthiest self needs to feel confident, grounded, and balanced.


here's what you'll get:


lifetime access to the Holisticaited curriculum 
✨access to the exclusive Holisticaited Familia for additional support
✨2 Holisticaited Familia coaching calls per month (for 6 months)



one time




for 3 months




for 6 months




coaching calls not included


Let the MIND-BLOWING begin! 🤯

Get to know hormones and discover what’s off within you so you can finally be free of the symptoms that have been holding you back.

If you’ve been feeling tired, anxious, “fat,” cranky, unsexy, and you can’t for the life of you figure out why…the confusion ends here.

  • learn about your endocrine system, your hormones, and their functions
  • identify where you may be hormonally imbalanced with the what’s off? questionnaire inside
  • use your results to determine which targeted diet & lifestyle strategies are going to support you and your specific hormonal imbalance(s) best

In order for you to make a plan for change, you gotta understand what’s going on in your body... you gotta discover what the f*ck is off.

Get to know your (pill-free) menstrual cycle so well you can use it as a vital sign to keep track of your health and optimize your fertility.

Discover a FLOW you never knew existed and begin to live with your natural rhythm rather than against it 🌊

  • understand your life cycle as a woman; a quick look at puberty, your 20s and 30s, your late 30s and early 40s, and your mid to late 40s and 50s
  • view your menstrual cycle as an asset rather than this terrible thing you have to deal with
  • learn about the lies and truths associated with your period and your menstrual cycle. Cramps and PMS? They’re not normal, just common.
  • learn about the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and how to live in sync with them
  • learn how to track your cycle using the fertility awareness method so you don’t have to put up with the hormonal chaos caused by hormonal birth control and you can conceive whenever the f*ck you want
  • familiarize yourself with perimenopause and menopause along with holistic strategies to support you through symptoms

Life will be SO MUCH EASIER if you gave yourself permission to honor your intuition, connect with yourself, and step into your power as a woman 💪

Quit living in survival mode 😣

Get out of the chronic stress mindset and into one that invites a slower pace — where self-care, stress management, and a good night’s sleep are just part of your daily life.

No more setting 5 alarms or constantly snoozing. You’re ditching the rush-out-the-door vibes to enjoy slower mornings that will support you and your energy for the rest of the day.

  • learn how stress and lack of sleep can negatively impact your body and your hormones
  • learn how to tune in and recognize when you’re in the grip of stress so you can respond with a strategy
  • familiarize yourself with holistic strategies for chillin’ the f*ck out and getting better sleep

You will probably surprise yourself here as you dig deep and identify stressors you never even knew were stressors for you to begin with...

Get clear on your priorities, be realistic about your to-do lists, give yourself permission to pause daily, and establish a wind-down ritual you're obsessed with to support you before bed. 

Fall in loveee with nourishing your body without calorie counting, dieting, feeling deprived, or spending hours in the kitchen trying to recreate the Pinterest recipe you saved to lose weight.

Changing your eating habits can feel overwhelming at first, but I'm keeping it as simple and as straightforward as possible with 5 basic nutrition principles for healthy hormones and a healthy YOU.

  • optimize blood sugar balance with proper meal timing and composition to support your adrenal glands and avoid the hangriness, the cravings, and the afternoon crashes.
  • understand which foods to eat and which foods to avoid for optimal nourishment with my BOMB-BOOTY What to Eat Resource
  • take nourishing your body to the next level with another BOMB-BOOTY resource for syncing your meals with each phase of your menstrual cycle to further improve your period symptoms

Falling in love with food as nourishment for your body doesn't end with module four. In module five, we keep that sh*t goinnnnn...

  • learn how to read ingredient lists and food labels so you can avoid buying products that have been wreaking havoc on your hormones and your gut
  • eliminate any confusion about which brand of granola, oats, peanut butter, snack bars, cereals, etc. to buy
  • successfully transition into healthier eating habits with simple tips like finding your pace, eating enough, and planning ahead along with ways to manage eating out
  • another BOMB-BOOTY resource — my SIMPLE grocery shopping list with hella notes based on eating REAL foods with minimal or no ingredients!
  • plus, I share some of my favorite go-to food blogs for you to save or follow for inspo

After slowly implementing everything inside, you’re gonna be SO in love with your nourished self, you’ll start preferring home-cooked food to takeout.

Become obsessed with routine angel poops 👼💩 that have you in and out of the bathroom in 2 minutes every day, without fail.

Wiping yo booty a million times? Not the vibe!

  • understand what your gut and microbiome are and why optimizing digestion is so important for healthy hormones and a healthy you
  • know what it looks like when things aren’t running smoothly vs when they are and what may be causing your gut to get all f*cked up in the first place
  • learn what you can do to heal and support it so you can say peace out ✌️ to bloating, reflux, skin rashes, running to the bathroom after meals, or acne that makes you feel like you HAVE to wear makeup

I’m flippin’ the script on you here!

You don’t have to go super HARD in the gym, sweat your ass off, or burn a ton of calories in order to see results.

Let go of everything you think “working out” or “exercising” requires from you & develop a realistic plan for movement that you feel confident about and actually enjoy!

  • use the time diary inside the Holisticaited workbook to make time in your day to get movin’ — there’s no longer a place for the “I don’t have time” excuse
  • change the muthafriggin’ movement game by learning to sync your workouts with each phase of your menstrual cycle. No more forcing it when you’re not feeling it. In fact, it could actually be doing you and your body more harm than good

You are surrounded by hella chemicals and toxins that keep your body from being able to properly detox. 

To be clear, I'm not referring to celery juice cleanses, bone broth fasts, or coffee enemas...

  • know where endocrine-disrupting chemicals (chemicals that f*ck with your hormones) are hiding so you can make changes to eliminate or at least reduce your exposure
  • learn how you can decrease your toxic load and support your liver through diet and lifestyle
  • plus, links and resources to help as you swap out the toxic deodorant, soaps, cosmetics, and household cleaners you've been using

Sooo...any of these sound like you?


You feel gross and bloated after most meals.

Sometimes, you skip meals altogether but then go for late-night fast food.

You can’t get through your period without painkillers, otherwise…MISERABLE.

You fight with your s.o. at least once a month because…PMS.

You want to have a baby and you’ve been trying to, but your period keeps showing up…

Getting up in the morning is…ROUGH. You have like 5 alarms or snooze over and over.

You wake up with no energy after sleeping 8 hours.

If you don’t have a coffee in the afternoon, snooze fest at your desk.

You try so damn hard to lose weight, but nothing seems to work for you.

You rely on prescription medications to help you feel better.

You never feel motivated to exercise. You’re just too fucking tired for that shit.

You want to make time for your health, but you're just "too busy."



I get it. A lot of these used to sound like me too…


But after Holisticaited, you're gonna:

  • have the easiest periods you’ve ever had…like literally, they’re barely even noticeable
  • stop needing that afternoon cup of coffee…maybe even that morning cup too
  • become obsessed with reading the ingredients list before buying anything in the grocery store
  • meal prep over the weekend to avoid skipping meals at work
  • poop every day in less than 2 minutes
  • listen to your body and take a yoga class instead of forcing yourself to run 5 miles
  • say no to plans because they're not a “hell yeah”
  • take your time in the morning and nourish your body with a balanced breakfast before your coffee 

After a couple of years of making changes to my diet and lifestyle on my own, I enrolled in holistic nutrition and health coaching certification programs, kept learning, and continued to implement new things because I was obsessed with the way I was starting to feel.

Not gonna lie…not only was I feeling really good, but I was also really likin’ what I was seeing in the mirror LOL

I was eating mostly whole foods, moving my body almost daily, tracking my menstrual cycle like a hawk, syncing my food and exercise with the phases of my cycle, getting more sun, enough sleep, less caffeine…

My hormones were finally balanced and I hadn’t felt this confident since like high school.

I realized then that the quick fixes, the 30-day this, and the 7-day that weren’t doin’ a damn thang for anyone.

A quick and easy healthy journey doesn't exist.

It doesn't happen overnight, and it's not supposed to.


To really heal...
 To really feel yo muthaf*ckin' best... 
You need a new HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE that takes time and effort to build. 


That's why inside Holisticaited, you're getting 6 full months of coaching support.

Once you feel the power of implementing simple, holistic, and realistic habits...

there's no turning back.



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